Our domaine & its philosophy


Domaine Raymond Usseglio finds its roots in the initiative of my father, Raymond Usseglio, who founded it in 1963. My family's wine history dates back to 1931, when my grandfather, Francis, left his native region. from Piedmont to settle in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

After more than fifteen years of working in the fields, in 1948 he succeeded in operating a sharecropping farm with his vines, and produced his first wine in 1949.

The year 1962 marked a significant turning point, with the planting of the first vines in my grandfather's name on the Terres Blanches terroir, now one of the most emblematic of the Domaine. Near these plots, in 1963, my father, accompanied by my mother Danielle, took up the torch from his father and founded the Domaine Raymond Usseglio.

At the same time, Châteauneuf-du-Pape is experiencing a remarkable rise in popularity and recognition as one of France's premier wine regions. This is why my parents devoted all their time to developing our family business into a recognized and expanding Domaine.

In 1999, the Domaine covered a little more than fifteen hectares of vines, and it was that same year that I took sole reins of the operation and produced my very first vintage at just twenty -two years.

Our domaine & its philosophy

At Domaine Usseglio Raymond et Fils, we advocate freedom of expression and the quest for the pure expression of our terroir. Each bottle has its own identity, telling a unique story, demonstrating our commitment to authenticity and differentiation.

Our domaine & its philosophy
vignes entourées d'arbres

Our values are firmly rooted in the passion that drives us every day of the year in this profession. We are committed to sharing this wealth with wine lovers around the world.

We invite you to explore our Estate, taste our wines and share with us this timeless passion for wine. Let yourself be inspired by our professional passion and come and enjoy a unique sensory and emotional experience in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Beyond simple agricultural practices, biodynamics represents a genuine philosophy of life that encourages respect for the earth, an understanding of natural cycles and the promotion of harmony between man and nature. Every bottle we produce is the result of meticulous work. Our aim is to offer wines of exceptional quality, where the purity and richness of the terroir are reflected in every sip.

« Welcome to our universe. »